6 Pack Men Cotton Socks with Coloured Toe

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6 Pack Stay Fresh Black Cotton Socks

Sometimes you just want simple socks for everyday occasions, whether it is for casual wear or office clothing. These mens coloured heel and toe black socks are suitable as casual or dress socks, they are great if you are looking to be conservative on your style, but are looking for comfort and breathability instead.

These socks have 6 different coloured heel and toes. The colours feature brights including orange, green, yellow, blue and even red. There is also a different coloured stripe that separates the coloured area and the main body that is black. The jet black coloured main body covers the rest of the leg and the foot. As dress socks worn with brown dress shoes they appear to just be plain black, but take your shoes off and they instantly become more funky.

The yarn used is also breathable cotton, ideal in the summer for regulation the temperature of your feet. The reason that they would keep your feet fresh. But, cotton in the winter is also very capable of keeping your feet warm. An ideal pack of socks for an all year round wear.

These socks are available in a 6-11 size and they are machine washable. Their material composition mostly comprises of a soft touch cotton.

Extra Product Details

- 6 Pack
- Plain Black
- Coloured Heel and Toe
- Breathable Cotton
- 61% Cotton 35% Polyester 3% Nylon 1% Spandex
- Dress or Casual Socks
- Temperature regulating
- Size 6-11 UK
- Machine Washable