6 Pack Mens Colourful Patterned Bamboo Socks 7-11 UK

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Mens Patterned Bamboo Dress Socks

Are you looking to make an impression with you sock style? If so then these mens bamboo socks are perfect for the job. Show your daring side with all the assorted styles we have on our online shop.

These mens bamboo socks are a fantastic choice if you are want sweat free feet. Bamboo is a material that naturally transports moisture away from your feet making it a fantastic fibre for the summer months. And of course if you are looking to dazzle your friends work colleagues or family with your new sock swag then these socks are perfect.

These socks are available in styles such as tetris Polka Dots or even jigsaw styles. They are made out of 78% bamboo (a high content) meaning they are highly organic and ethically sustainable as well as being super comfortable. If a mixture of style and comfort is on your agenda then these bamboo socks are certainly a set worth considering.