6 Pairs Mens Ladies Non Elastic 80% Cotton Socks

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Non Elastic Cotton Socks

Every person needs a pair of simple and comfortable socks, and these non elastic cotton socks provide that. When it comes to comfort, everyone agrees that the best bet is cotton as of its natural softness and moisture wicking. These socks are have a ribbed leg to help keep them up, and are great for everyday wear, or as light, thin pair of casual socks.

These socks are 80% Cotton which means that they are extra soft and comfortable, making them perfect for wearing for long days at work or around the house. You won't suffer with any nasty irritation while wearing these socks.

Due to the high amount of cotton in these socks, they are breathable and will help keep feet cool and fresh during warm weather. This means there is less risk of socks causing irritating blisters. These socks also have a loose non elastic gentle grip top, which ensures that you do not end up with any nasty constriction rings around your legs after prolonged use.

These socks come in size 4-7 UK 5-8 US 37-42 EU and 6-11 UK 7-12 US 39-45 EU and are available an assortment of browns / blues in two different assortments.

Extra Product Details

- 6 Pairs
- 2 Sizes to choose between
- 2 Colours
- Super soft
- Extra comfort
- Moisture wicking
- Ribbed leg
- Casual or formal wear
- Non Elastic
- 80% Cotton 20% Nylon